How does directly to garment printing work?

The Basics In Modern Screen Printing

Direct printing is a technique in constant evolution and likewise, advances in pretreatment will occur. Possibly, the evolution of the pretreatment will consist of a more localized direct application method (possibly applying a paper with the pretreatment), with the shape of the design so that the product is not wasted and no chemical alteration occurs.

We have come a long way in printing garments. Back on the day, we used old devices called screen printers. That’s right, we started with the screen. Screen printing is a technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking template to create the desired image. Screen printing Tampa is still widely used today and for large productions of the same image is much cheaper than digital printing and easier to print areas higher than A1. but its biggest drawback is that serigraphic printing is not ideal for small orders and the configuration for each image is complex and full of many chemical processes.

How a DTG printer works

DTG printers work with a special textile adhesion ink that is activated and fixed with the heat on any cotton surface. This is printed directly on the garment from a printer.

This means that we can print any pattern or design directly on our shirts without needing a third material, such as a sublimation paper, transfer or textile pieces of vinyl,

The only techniques that can be directly printed are the screen and the direct textile or DTG printing.

The best textile DTG printers have a head for textile printing, these heads are unique and designed to print directly on the garment without the need of unnecessary waste of ink, since a photo printing machine needs to print with more resolution and ink to print on a photographic paper and a textile machine dtg only need to print at a maximum resolution of 1440 with a certain amount of ink, since cotton has a limit of resolution and this will never be like a photographic paper in which we can see even the more minuscule details.



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